About Us

Kristin McElroy, Owner

Kristin created Righty Tidy in March 2020 with one goal in mind: Help people move past the shame and overwhelming stress that comes from having a cluttered home. Her passion has always been helping people get out of their own way and realize that they could do it all along. Organizing has been a passion for Kristin since she was in high school and used her skills to help her friends and family get rid of the clutter that made staying organized impossible and make their space work for them instead of against them.

She specializes in decluttering and systematic organization. She loves creative problem solving; whether it is using the items a person already owns to make their space functional or making a space work it a way that was not previously thought possible. 

When she is not working she is spending time with her husband and daughter, checking out the local hot spots, binging tv and movies, and listening to music.