Project Portfolio

7 Year Old Bedroom Organization

Teaching children early on gives them lifelong skills. Recently, I worked with an amazing girl who had a cluttered room, and her parents didn't know where to begin. Together, we sorted through her belongings, deciding what to keep and what to let go of. Once she determined the categories for her toys and books, we arranged and labeled them accordingly. While it may be tempting to discard toys when children aren't present, trusting and believing in them can yield surprising results. Encourage their decisions without judgement, and celebrate their choices to donate. You'll be amazed at how they will continue to do it more often. 

Garage Declutter/Organize

The Completed Garage - Progress Over Perfection and Utility Over Glamour

After two sessions, we were able to finish the garage, and although it's still a tight fit, they can almost park their car inside!

Remember to prioritize progress over perfection and utility over glamour. Functionality is key, as it allows you to reclaim your space and locate items you had forgotten about or lost. It's always a great feeling to hear someone exclaim, "Oh, I was looking for that!" – moments like these are my favorite part of the day!

Kids Room with slides

My client moved into her new house and purchased lofted beds with slides. So fun! However making the room the most functional with the most space was key to making this room work. 

I started by rearranging the beds so the slides faced the same direction, then I added cube storage and large cloth baskets under the beds for a fun play area. 

Each of the buckets in the cube system was labeled with a picture, and words to tell the children where their toys go when it is time to clean up. Neither child could read, so the pictures made it possible for them to clean up on their own since they could match it with the picture. 

The storage cubes came from Target, cloth baskets from Burlington Coat Factory and the white bins came from the Dollar Tree. 

Proof you don't have to spend a lot to organize your space!

Brand New Bathroom

Starting with a new bigger bathroom can be overwhelming. Where does everything go, what is the most efficient way to organize my stuff? 

In this bathroom we focused the majority of the products in the closet, with the cleaning supplies, and personal items under the cabinet, since they did not need to be visible all the time. 

My client now has her own beauty shelf at eye level so it is the first thing she sees when she opens the door, and can easily get ready in the morning! All the first aid, medicine, and extras went in containers she already owned on the floor to maximize the big gap between the floor and the bottom shelf. After this photo was taken we ended up moving her lotions on to a turntable in the middle of the third shelf, so it was easier to see, and looked beautiful! We also ordered tag labels for the grey bins since traditional labels would not stick. (They came in after I was finished, but I trusted my client would be able to put them on and make them look amazing) 

Organizing is not a one time process, sometimes after looking at a space the way it has been organized we see a better way of doing it. So trial and error is the name of the game no matter who you are!

Products used are mostly products my clients they already owned. I love to repurpose things to make them work for my clients. It saves money, and prevents stuff from going to the landfill, double bonus for me! Products purchased are the clear pull drawers from the Dollar Tree, makeup organizer and opaque bins from Burlington Coat Factory, and Walmart The Home Edit turntable (not pictured), .

Command Station

This client was placing all the incoming mail, bills to be paid, and other documents on the kitchen table. It made since so they could see all the documents and work through them, but made it hard to eat dinner every night haha. So we created a command center where they were already working on the papers, just on the wall instead of on the table. So it is still easy to access in the morning when they are working on paying bills and such, but there is a place to go after they are done with it each time. 

I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, or go so elaborate with the command center that is was complicated. The simplest solution is always the best in my opinion. The velro did not keep the pen holder up on the file holder the way I had hoped, so I ended up using a small black zip tie my client already owned and it fit perfectly in the mesh holes.

Products featured are a Brightroom wall mounted file sorter, 2022-2023 calendar, mesh pen holder all from Target, and Velcro and clear hooks from Dollar Tree.

Art Room/Office Space Overhaul

This client was feeling cramped, and uninspired for her art. We transformed her spare bedroom into an office, and created an open, inviting area for her to work on her art in the bonus area. 

ADHD Overwhelm Clothing Reset

Many individuals with ADHD struggle with everyday tasks that others might take for granted, such as tidying up or putting away clothes. The systems that the world prescribes often fail to work, leaving them feeling inadequate and unsupported. But don't despair! I am here to tell you that there are maintainable systems that can help you keep your space tidy and alleviate that overwhelming feeling. 

For this client it was all about having only one drawer for each type of clothing. i.e. only socks, only athletic pants, only underwear. It simplified where everything needed to go when she put her clothes away, and took less time to find what she needed in the morning when she was getting ready. Allowing her brain to keep up.